Professional Liability Insurance provided by Mercer Consumer

Mercer Consumer designs, sells, implements, and administers insurance-related risk management and financial service programs that generate revenue, promote loyalty, reduce costs, and increase efficiency for sponsoring clients.

Mercer Consumer works with affinity/program businesses to sell and administer insurance products and services on a full-service platform, in addition to providing sales and servicing activities for the high net worth market. Clients include employer groups, associations/membership organizations, financial institutions, transportation/logistics firms, franchise networks and various other corporations and affiliates.

The Mercer Consumer advantage lies in our network of professionals combined with our administrative excellence and brokerage expertise. Within an established consultative framework, we provide a full spectrum of services through:

  • Brokerage and program management excellence
  • Consultation, analysis and advisory services
  • Access to extensive array of product and service offerings
  • A comprehensive, flexible service offering
  • Geographically dispersed client groups
  • Award-winning marketing services
  • Advanced technology, scale and process efficiencies