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Believe it or not, yoga instructors can be sued by their students

Jan 4

1/4/2013 8:11 AM  RssIcon

Although yoga teachers may not think they are at high risk for a lawsuit, there is always the chance one of their students could sue them for injury or damages caused by their guidance in a class. That said, instructors may want to consider obtaining a professional liability insurance policy.

No matter how careful a yoga teacher is, there is a chance a student could get injured based on the moves that are being taught in the class. If the student feels that this injury occurred because of the instructor, they could sue them for injury and potential loss of income if they are forced to miss work due to the injury.

Perhaps the best way to prevent such a lawsuit would be for the yoga instructor to obtain all the proper training necessary to teach a class. Even with extensive training, though - including how physical issues can be avoided - injuries can still occur. If a student does end up bring a lawsuit against a yoga instructor, professional liability insurance could provide them with financial and legal assistance throughout its duration.

Those who teach at a gym or other facility may be covered under their employer's' plan, but they could also benefit from an individual policy. If there is ever a conflict of interest, employer coverage may not be extended. Additionally, protecting from their place of work may not provide them with all the benefits as an individual policy.

Yoga instructors that work on their own may be more in need of a policy, as they don't have any coverage extended by a company. Whether they teach a class at home, or rent out space, independent teachers may want to purchase a professional liability insurance policy that could prevent a lawsuit from putting them out of business.

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