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As an educator, you add to America's knowledge every day you're at work. Unfortunately, teaching and research professors are realizing that the campus is not immune to today's litigious society, whether action is brought by research rivals, other faculty members or even students. Many professors have learned the hard way that if they are sued they cannot rely solely on their employers as much as they thought. They may spend thousands of dollars in legal fees … out of their own pockets. Make sure this doesn't happen to you!

Who needs this extra protection? You do … if you work in any education setting. Mercer Consumer offers protection beyond what your employer provides.

$2,000,000 Set Aside For Each Incident That May Occur

We'll set aside up to $4,000,000 each year to make sure you're covered and $2,000,000 for each incident. Plus, you don't have to pay a dime for approved attorney and defense costs — no matter how high those costs climb during the malpractice suit. That extra protection is in addition to the $4,000,000.

How to Apply

If you’re ready to purchase professional liability insurance or request more information, please select "Learn More" or "Request a Quote" to download an application to complete and return at your convenience.