Optometrists Insurance


Optometrists Professional Liability Insurance

Protect the Future of Your Finances

Not having Professional Liability Insurance can put your finances and everything you've worked so hard for at risk. Just one mistake (or perceived mistake) can have serious consequences on your practice—leading to claims against your services and possibly cost you thousands in court. This added liability means you need to protecting your interests.

Coverage for Your Entire Practice

You can cover your practice without increasing your premiums. You just pay for the principals, employees, or additional insured people in your business. There is no charge for opticians or clerical employees. Everyone is provided coverage for all covered optometric services performed in the business and for moonlighting activities as an optometrist. We offer up to $2,000,000 in protection for each incident and as much as $4,000,000 annually. Plus, you can customize your plan by choosing tailored coverage limits for each person in your practice.

You're Not Alone

Our insurance protects you in court. When a covered claim is brought against you, the legal fees and court costs will be paid for—in addition to your liability limit. That's extra money fighting for you! We will even cover lost wages (up to $10,000) if you're required to be away from your practice while appearing in court due to a lawsuit or claim filed against you.

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