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Professional Liability Insurance for Physicians and Healthcare Professionals

Protect the Future of Your Finances and Career

While you're serving and protecting your patients each day, who is protecting you? Just one mistake (or perceived mistake) can have serious consequences on your practice - leading to claims against your services and possibly costs you thousands in court. This added liability means you need to protect your interests. Professional Liability Insurance (also called Malpractice Insurance) can help protect your assets and maintain a successful career in healthcare.

Why You Need More Than Your Employer's Coverage

Most malpractice insurance provided by employers for healthcare workers does not provide enough coverage in the event of a claim or lawsuit. Getting caught up in a legal battle without enough protection should mean you end up spending thousands in legal fees … out of your own pocket!

Did you know most hospitals and employers liability programs only cover claims as they’re made? This is called “claims-made” coverage and means that you’re only covered while you work for that employer. So if a patient makes a claim a year after you change jobs, you’re on your own … with no insurance to protect you. Mercer Consumer covers you no matter what. We offer “occurrence” coverage, which means that as long as you were protected by our program when the incident happened, you’re always covered — no matter when the claim in filed.

$4,000,000 Set Aside Each Year for You

Up to $4,000,000 in coverage is available each year for your defense — upto $2,000,000 for each incident. Plus, you don’t have to pay a dime for approved attorney and defense costs – no matter how high those costs climb during the malpractice suit. That extra protection is in addition to the $4,000,000.

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