April 2015

Sell your skills: crafting the perfect nursing resume

Creating an informative and engaging resume can be stressful, but because a resume is the one document that advertises your skills, spending the time to carefully craft its contents will benefit you in the long run. The average recruiter spends only six seconds reviewing a resume so it’s essential to capture your skills, qualifications and education accurately and articulately to make a positive initial impression. Nursing is a diverse field, and you should include as much technical information...
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Expanding healthcare industry attracts men to nursing

In a field where women dominate, men are slowly breaking the stereotype that they don’t belong. A study from the 2011 U.S. Census Bureau shows that 9.6 percent of registered nurses are men — a figure that has more than tripled since 1970 when they only represented 2.7 percent of the field. Nursing has low unemployment figures and continues to expand, so it’s easy to see why the field entices both men and women.
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Get social to support your job search

Social media helps keep people connected to family, friends, high school classmates and college roommates, but have you considered how social media can help with your job search?
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Make way for alternative medicine’s move into mainstream healthcare

Do you take megavitamins or probiotics as a dietary supplement? Do you go to the chiropractor once a month for back adjustments? If so, you’re part of the complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) movement — a non-Western approach to health and healing outside the realm of traditional medicine. According to the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, nearly 40 percent of Americans use health care practices not considered to be traditional or conventional medicine.
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Using automation to strengthen follow-up care - and lessen nurses' workload

Have you ever considered automated follow-up care as a viable option for a primary care practice? This follow-up is crucial for acute ambulatory patients, and a recent study published in the American Journal of Managed Care found that conducting a follow-up care program using automation is significantly less expensive than using nurses to complete the phone calls.
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March 2015

New language translator app shows promise for healthcare industry

Write this down — Canopy Medical Translator. This mobile app — the first of its kind — may be coming to a hospital near you. Designed by Canopy Apps, the app provides a library of routine medical terminology in 150 different languages and offers a direct call button, or Telephone Interpreter Call Button, to more easily find a medical interpreter.
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Technology takes strides for nurses on the go

According to a time and motion study on medical-surgical nurses, nurses travel on average three miles per 10-hour daytime shift and 2.2 miles per 10-hour night shift. While you’re busy completing paperwork and transferring patients, it’s important to stay in constant communication with physicians, other nurses, patients and supervisors to ensure the best outcome for the patients and the clinic. What may seem like ancient methods of communicating, like pagers or bedside phones, are no longer cu...
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Ten small steps to help advance your career

Advancing your career doesn’t happen overnight. You must think about the small things you can do to accomplish the bigger goals. Plot out a plan to achieve your dream job. Here are 10 tips every professional should be doing.
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Increased demand for medical care spikes job opportunities for registered nurses

U.S. News Career ranks registered nurses (RN) number four on their list of 100 best jobs, noting that the profession is growing and has a low unemployment rate at just 2.6 percent.
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Eight tips that will help nourish your budding career

Transitioning from college life to the working world can be challenging, but now is the perfect time to set good habits and establish yourself in your industry. Here are eight tips that will help you start your career path on the right foot.
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