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Extensive Coverage

Covering up to $4 million each year to defend you ($2 million for each incident)

Your Own Attorney

Offering expert legal counsel to represent your best interests.

Legal Defense Coverage

Reimbursing all approved legal expenses, even when coverage limit is reached
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Professional Liability Insurance for Educators

Teachers face the risk of liability lawsuits from other faculty – even students or parent of students. If you were relying on a union or your employers professional liability to offer you complete protection, you may be unknowingly leaving your career – and your personal finances – exposed.

Why You Need Your Own Professional Liability Insurance

Consider the likely gaps in your employer’s professional liability insurance:

  • Claims-made insurance that doesn’t cover suits filed after you have terminated your employment
  • Policy limits that may not be high enough to protect you and all your co-workers
  • Coverage that may not be included for lost wage reimbursement, licensing board hearing reimbursement and defense costs
  • Coverage that likely doesn’t extend outside of the workplace, such as when you engage in volunteer or part-time work

Check out the Coverage Details tab to learn how a personal professional liability plan from proliability can cover these gaps with superior coverage at an affordable rate.

Why Proliability Coverage is the Right Choice

Proliability is proud to partner with a carrier who can offer you comprehensive coverage with premiums – we don’t believe you should have to skimp on coverage to make it affordable for you. Our Educators’ Professional Liability Insurance offers the following key features:

  • Extensive Coverage: Insurance limits up to $4 million each year to defend you ($2 million for each incident)
  • Legal Defense Coverage: Reimbursement of all approved legal expenses, even when coverage limit is reached
  • Primarily specialize in mental health services such as ABA therapy or early intervention? We have a solution for you. Click here to apply for a program that meets your needs.

Call a professional liability representative at 1-800-765-9408 to learn more about proliability’s extensive coverage, or apply here instantly to get started!

Liberty International Underwriters is the marketing name for the broker-distributed specialty lines business operations of Liberty Mutual Insurance.

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