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Dietetic Practitioners Professional Liability Insurance:

Protect the Future of Your Finances and Career

Dietetic Practitioners Professional Liability Insurance (also called Malpractice Insurance) can help protect your assets and maintain successful health care career. Dietetic Practitioners are finding themselves in more malpractice lawsuits, especially in long-term care facilities where lawyers are looking for financial recovery options and often throwing dieticians in the middle of their medical lawsuit. This can happen even if it is not justified. Just one allegation against your services can have serious consequences on your career – leading to legal claims and possibly cost you thousands in court. This added liability means you need to protect your interests.

Why Dietitians Need More Than Their Employer's Coverage

Most professional liability insurance provided by employers does not provide enough coverage in the event of a claim or lawsuit. Not to mention, you're not protected for volunteering or working another part-time job. Getting caught up in a legal battle without enough protection could mean you end up spending thousands in legal fees … out of your own pocket! Make sure you're not stuck defending yourself – let us help.

Make Sure You're Covered – In Court and At Work

If a claim is filed against you, we will make sure you're protected.

  • In Court: We will cover attorney fees and other legal costs if your claim ends up in court.
  • At Work: We will pay you for lost wages while taking time off work to defend yourself. Plus, we'll provide reimbursement for licensing board issues.

Up to $5,000,000* in coverage is available each year for you and defense up to $2,000,000 for each incident.

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*Limits are only available for Academy members, nonmember limits may vary.