Top-rated liability and malpractice insurance for working professionals

The number of lawsuits against professionals has skyrocketed in recent years. Proliability provides professional liability insurance, also known as malpractice or errors and omissions insurance, which can help protect you from financial ruin. It's not just for those who practice in the medical field. Today, almost any professional can find themselves facing a liability lawsuit. Being sued for professional liability could mean great personal loss, including assets such as homes, cars and other possessions. One simple mistake could cause financial devastation, as well as end your professional career.

What to Look for in a Liability Insurance Policy

Professionals should consider policies designed specifically for their industry. Choose a liability plan that will:

  • Pay for attorney fees and other defense costs
  • Provide reimbursement in case there are licensing board issues
  • Pay settlements and court costs.

Customer testimonials

Proliability offers a combination of services that are valuable to our firm. For example, direct access to the liability experts who have long-term experience. Carrie Vallem
As a sole practitioner I need all the support that I can get, and the proliability program offers me a full range of resources that I have not found with others. Ryan Randall
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