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Rehabilitation Professionals Professional Liability Insurance:

Protect the Future of Your Finances and Career

As a Rehabilitation Professional you've dedicated your career and time rehabilitating your clients and helping them increase the quality of their lives. Just one mistake (or perceived mistake) can have serious consequences on your practice – especially now when clients are forced to be released from their therapy sooner than ever before. This means extra liability that can lead to claims against your services and maybe even costing you thousands in court. This added liability means you need a company protecting your interests. With all the time and energy you give to your clients, makes sure you're taking the time to set up protection for yourself. Professional Liability Insurance can help protect your assets and keep your career in healthcare successful.

Why You Need More Than Your Employer's Coverage

Most malpractice insurance provided by employers does not provide enough coverage in the event of a claim or lawsuit. Not to mention, you're not protected for volunteering or working another part-time job. Getting caught up in a legal battle without enough protection means you could end up spending thousands in legal fees… out of your own pocket! Make sure you're not stuck defending yourself – let us help.

Make Sure You're Covered – In Court & At Work

If a claim is filed against you we will make sure you're protected.

  • In Court – We will cover attorney fees and other legal costs if your claim ends up in court – with extra coverage.
  • At Work – We will pay you for lost wages while taking time off work to defend yourself. We also provide defense reimbursement for Licensing Board issues.


You can have up to $4,000,000 each year defending you to make sure you're covered and $2,000,000 for each incident. Plus, you don't have to pay a dime for approved attorney and defense costs - no matter how high those costs climb during the malpractice suite. That extra protection is in addition to the $2,000,000 - not taken out of it.

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