Dental Hygienists/Assistants Professional Liability Insurance

Dental Hygienists/Assistants Professional Liability Insurance  

Liability Insurance for Dental Hygienists

As a dental hygienist, you work hard in your career and the care and treatment of your patients. A disciplinary action or malpractice lawsuit can have unforeseen consequences on both your career and financial future. While you may have professional liability insurance (malpractice insurance) through your employer, there may be limitations and you may not be fully protected. Having your own professional liability insurance, designed to put your interests first, is the best way to incorporate personal risk management. That's where Proliability comes in. We offer coverage that provides you peace of mind to focus on your patients with premiums* as low as $69. Proliability is the only sponsored professional liability insurance provider for ADHA since 1980. Coverage is available for Dental Hygienists that are employed, self-employed or own a practice.


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Risk Management Services

Risk management and professional liability insurance go hand in hand. At Proliability, we recognize the importance of providing comprehensive risk management resources to our policyholders.

We have partnered with OmniSure Consulting Group, a risk management leader, to provide a host of risk management resources. Our active policyholders receive:

  • RiskFit® — a series of risk management content that allows you to test your knowledge on topics including self-assessment tools, sample policies and procedures, checklists, videos, podcasts and articles.
  • Monthly Risk Reduction Tip — A monthly email sent to policyholders with quick tips and reminders on risk management topics. This email will usually contain a video or brief educational article that is quick to read and keeps you in the know and updated on important risk topics.
  • Advice-on-Demand — access to a toll-free or email helpline designed to answer risk related questions with a 30 minute consultation with a Risk Consultant.

For more information visit our Risk Fitness® site.


Coverage Details

  • Am I covered for administering COVID-19 vaccines?

    Proliability, powered by Mercer, continues to monitor COVID-19 and its impact on healthcare practitioners. We understand you may have questions related to your healthcare professional liability insurance, including your actual or potential administration of a COVID-19 vaccine.

    The insurance policy, offered through Proliability and underwritten by Liberty Insurance Underwriters, Inc., does not exclude coverage for delivering a FDA approved/emergency use authorization COVID-19 vaccine in those states where hygienists are authorized to deliver injections.

    For additional clarity on this topic, each hygienist electing to provide professional services to inject patients with a COVID-19 vaccine has a duty to ensure that you are lawfully providing professional services and meeting the requirements outlined by your professional state or federal licensing or regulatory boards and practicing within your profession’s scope and standards of practice.

    Coverage for every injection is not guaranteed. While an extreme example, a vaccine claim may be denied by the carrier if a hygienists failed to follow usual and customary medical guidelines regarding reuse of a needle or syringe.

    If you would like a copy of your policy, please visit My Account.

  • Limits — up to $1/3M

    The main feature of the policy that covers you up to the limits on your declarations page that you become legally obligated to pay as a result of a professional liability claim arising out of a covered incident. Limits vary by profession up to $1 million per occurrence/$3 million aggregate. When you complete a quote, the available limits based on your profession and state will be provided.
  • Legal Representation — Legal fees paid in addition to the liability limits

    The policy includes legal representation for covered incidents. This means you have an attorney assigned to you to represent your interests – not the interests of others such as your employer. The legal fees and expenses are in addition to your professional liability policy limits, which is a key benefit to you as this means legal fees and expenses do not erode your liability limits.
  • HIPAA Coverage — $25,000

    Pays up to $25,000 for HIPAA fines, penalties and notification costs.
  • Licensing Board Reimbursement — $10,000 per incident/$25,000 per policy period

    Covers up to $10,000 per incident/$25,000 per policy period for attorney fees or other expenses or fees from an investigation or proceedings from an entity responsible for regulating your profession. In most regulated professions, anyone can file a complaint against you such as your patient, patient’s family, your employer or coworker. If you’re employed, your employer may not reimburse you for investigations or proceedings.
  • Deposition Expense — $10,000 per policy period

    Covers up to $10,000 aggregate for all reasonable fees, costs and expenses to represent you at a deposition which you are required to attend.
  • Wage Loss and Expense — $500 per day/$10,000 per incident/$25,000 policy period

    Covers for lost wages, costs and expenses for your required attendance at a trial, hearing or arbitration proceeding as a defendant in a covered claim. 
  • First Aid Reimbursement — $10,000 per policy period

    Covers up to $10,000 per policy for all medical related expenses for rendering first aid to others due to bodily injury.
  • Medical Payments — $5,000 per person/$100,000 all persons

    Covers up to $5,000 per person, up to $100,000 all persons for medical expenses incurred by others due to a bodily injury caused by an occurrence during the policy period.  
  • Damage to Property of Others — $10,000

    Covers up to $10,000 for damage to property of others caused by you during the policy period. 
  • First Party Assault Coverage — $10,000/$25,000 policy period

    Covers up to $10,000 per incident and $25,000 per policy period for medical expenses or repair or replacement of personal property due to an assault at your workplace premises.
  • Occurrence Policy Form

    Covers incidents that happen during your policy period regardless of when the claims are reported. All of the allied health and nursing policies through Liberty Insurance Underwriters are on occurrence policy forms.
  • Sexual Abuse/Molestation Coverage - $25,000 sub-limit

    Provides up to $25,000 for indemnity.
  • Portable Coverage — Follows You 24/7

    When you apply for individual coverage, the policy covers you for your professional services, including on and off the job, moonlighting and volunteering. 
  • Optional Coverage Features

    • Consulting and Educational Services Endorsement
    • General Liability Insurance
    • Additional Insured Endorsement

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*This is only a summary of insurance policy provisions offered in the program. Certain coverage benefits described herein may not be available in your state at the time of policy issuance, or may be available, but with differing terms and conditions. If any conflict exists between the benefits described herein and those contained in any actual policy issued, the terms and conditions of the issued policy prevail. Coverage is only bound upon underwriting acceptance. Applying and paying for coverage is not a guarantee of acceptance into the program.